Feeling the heat and don’t want to stand over a hot stove or oven? We’ve all been there, where the thought of eating something warm or eating in general just doesn’t sound appetizing. Have no fear, because we’ve put together a few tips to help you stay cool when the temperatures rise and enjoy meals when you could really go for something that is best served cold.

Not to mention, you might want to save one or two of these meal ideas to take with you to the office when you don’t have a microwave handy or just want to enjoy something fresh on your lunch hour.

Tips for Hot Days

Take a look at these tips to beat the heat and stay cool while enjoying delicious dishes. So stay hydrated and grab a refreshing Summer drink while you jot down a few of these ideas!

Batch cook rice

One way to keep cool is to ultimately spend less time cooking over the stove, meaning you can make a large batch of rice at one time to keep in the refrigerator and use for different meals throughout the week so you don’t have to cook later!

Cook a big batch of Carolina® Long Grain blend Jasmine with Red and Wild Rice to make a variety of different meals for lunch and/or dinner. Try it out in a hearty Chicken and Rice Salad with Kale tossed in a zesty citrus vinaigrette with celery, apple, pecans and cranberries. Perfect for a filling meal that won’t weigh you down.

Chicken and Kale Rice Salad with Apples and Pecans

But, don’t use up your entire blend on rice salads, stir it into something new and refreshing like a Spanish-inspired Gazpacho. This is a cold soup made from a combination of fresh vegetables like tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers blended with red wine vinegar and hot sauce for a kick. 

Make use of your microwave

Did you know? You can actually use your microwave to prepare rice! Check the cooking instructions on the package or our website to see how you can make your rice in the microwave and avoid turning on the stove or oven altogether

Or you can use our microwavable Jasmine Rice variety that is Ready to Heat in just 90 seconds! Beating the heat requires you to work smarter in the kitchen, not harder and prepare this Green Rice Salad with Chicken using frozen or pre-cooked veggies and chicken for a meal you can put together in just about 5 minutes.

Quick and simple recipes that require less time in the kitchen

Layered caprese salad with white rice, basil and mozzarella
Layered Caprese Salad with White Rice

In addition to using your microwave and batch cooking your meals, use recipes with fresh ingredients that don’t require you to be in the kitchen for much time. However, if you have to prepare a lunch or dinner over the stove, make sure to prepare refreshing sides like this Caprese Salad with mozzarella, sliced tomatoes, basil and Carolina® White Rice drizzled in a bit of balsamic vinaigrette.

Try exciting new recipes and salads

Another way to keep yourself going throughout those hot days is by preparing chilled dishes like a Spicy Salmon Avocado Tower layered with salmon, jasmine rice, avocado and more! It’s an Instagram-worthy dish with an incredible taste.

Looking for something a little simpler? Try a refreshing Greek inspired Power Bowl packed with protein from the quinoa, chickpeas and shredded chicken tossed with an assortment of Mediterranean flavors. 

Greek power bowl with Chicken, Jasmine and Quinoa
Greek Power Bowl with Quinoa and Avocado Tzatziki

In any case, the possibilities for rice salads are endless, especially when you learn how to make your own homemade vinaigrettes and dressings. Take your salad to the next level by mixing in anything from a simple but zesty lemon vinaigrette to an avocado tzatziki or a Thai peanut dressing.

Cool off with dessert

At the very least you can finish your meal off with a chilled dessert! If you’re a chocolate lover, this Chocolate Rice Pudding topped with whipped cream with most surely hit the spot when you’re feeling too warm to function. 

Tip: To really beat the heat, make sure to prepare rice pudding with cooked rice that you’ve prepared previously in the morning or at night to avoid using the stove too much in the hot weather.

If you’re more of a vanilla fan, taste a scoop of Horchata Ice Cream with all of your favorite toppings. Don’t have an ice cream maker? We even include a few tips for anyone who doesn’t have an ice cream maker at home!

For more recipes to beat the heat or to prepare in advance and freeze for later, make sure to check out our recipe collection. You can also check our website to have your questions answered like how do you cook rice?

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