White Rice

Our Enriched Carolina® White Rice is a family favorite that you can trust to bring you consistent results with each recipe you make. Our quality long-grain rice granules provide the perfect texture and flavor.

When cooked, the rice remains loose and separate for a fluffy consistency that is never sticky, perfect for all of your side dishes like a Caprese Rice Salad or main meals like Paella Salad.

Carolina® is America’s trusted brand to serve products that are Non-GMO Project Verified and free of preservatives and MSG. Explore different rice recipes with confidence from our recipe collection or any new innovative idea you may. For a more whole grain option, try our 100% Whole Grain Brown Rice.

Available Sizes

16oz (454g),32 oz (907g),48 oz (1.4kg),80 oz (2.27kg),160oz (4.5kg),320 oz (9.07kg),800 oz (22.7kg)

Cooking time

20 minutes

Serving size

1/4 cup (45g)

Carolina White Rice product package

Nutrition Facts

Dietary Considerations