A kitchen staple that everyone is likely to have in their pantry at all times (and if they don’t they certainly should) is the ever-versatile and our personal favorite grain: rice. The culinary possibilities are truly endless with this adaptable ingredient and its wide range as a base for a more complex main dish like a traditional paella or risotto, to a quick and easy side, to your favorite meal like a simple butter and garlic rice. It’s the reason we can’t get enough of it! 

One of our favorite varieties is Yellow Rice. With its beautifully vibrant yellow hue and abundant fragrant flavors like saffron spice, sweet onions, and zesty garlic, it is widely used in traditional Spanish, Cuban, Peruvian, Caribbean, Filipino, Afghan, Indian, Sri Lankan, South African and Indonesian cuisines. We told you the stuff is versatile…

Yellow Rice Made from Scratch

A recipe for yellow rice made from scratch is going to vary a bit by the region from which the cuisine you are looking to pair it with is from. Because there are so many ways to make it, we’ll hone in on a Spanish-style version just to give you an idea of how simple this delicious and worthwhile rice is to make – even from scratch. The greatest variation is going to lie in specific spices, but the main steps are typically going to remain consistent throughout.

Spanish-Style Yellow Rice

Typically, the process goes something like this: you sauté some chopped onion and garlic for a few minutes. Follow that by adding a broth or water and spices like turmeric, thyme, bay leaves, and chicken bouillon. Bring the mixture to a boil and stir-in the long-grain White Rice. Lower the heat, cover the pot, and let the rice cook until the stock has been fully absorbed and the grains are fully cooked, anywhere from 20-30 minutes. 

Now that you’ve got the process down, step things up a notch by trying your hand at a tasty dish, like a Spanish classic Paella with Sausage and Shrimp. Make it with yellow rice made from scratch, or keep things hassle-free and use our Carolina® Yellow Seasoned Rice for an equally delicious meal.

Easy Paella with Yellow Rice, Shrimp and Sausage
Easy Paella with Yellow Rice

It Gets Even Easier

As simple as Yellow Rice is to make, whatever your favorite variation is, it can still be daunting to consider preparing homemade meals from scratch with the fast-paced and incredibly busy culture of today’s working adults. If you regularly find yourself short on time to prepare elaborate meals, we are here to help.

Our Yellow Seasoned Rice is an appetizing combination of Mexican-inspired flavors and spices that is perfect for speeding things up at mealtime, without having to skimp on quality or flavor. Enjoy it as is in just a few minutes, pair it with your Mexican favorites like Arroz con Pollo, or use it as part of a delicious burrito filling.

If you’re a lover of all things spicy, let us spice up your life with our Carolina® Spicy Yellow Seasoned Rice featuring savory red and green bell peppers, onions, garlic, and a mix of spicy seasonings.

Make it Your Main, or Put it on the Side

Speaking of arroz con pollo, we’ve got a chicken and rice recipe featuring yellow rice that is sure to make your mouth water. Our Chicken and Spanish Saffron Rice dish is made with said Carolina® Yellow Seasoned Rice, juicy chicken breast, and a medley of peas, corn, carrots, parsley, and shallots. This vibrant dish is as beautiful as it is delicious and is the perfect one-pot meal that is simple, quick, full of amazing flavors, and a great way to get a good dose of veggies, grains, and protein all in one meal.

If your meal style is more of a “protein with a side” kind of thing, yellow rice is perfect for that too! Because it pairs well with so many meat dishes, particularly chicken, shrimp, and sausage, it is a great option as a quick and tasty side to some seasoned and grilled chicken thighs, sausage, or veggies for a vegetarian alternative. You really can’t go wrong with this adaptable rice no matter what your dietary preferences are.

The Rice that Keeps on Giving

We truly can’t get enough of this amazing rice dish. It’s no surprise that it is so widely used in so many traditional cuisines from countries all over the world. Whether you love meat dishes, seafood, or follow a vegetarian or Gluten Free diet, our Carolina® Yellow Seasoned Rice or Spicy Yellow Rice has got you covered.

Don’t forget to stop by the Carolina® recipe collection for more delectable meal ideas featuring this and many other of our tasty rice varieties – like a delicious rice pudding with cooked rice. You can also find out more information on our products, such as the amount of calories in white rice along with what is chaufa rice?

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