We’ll let you in on one of our best-kept secrets. If you have a bag of rice at home, you’ll never be at a loss for an incredible gluten-free meal. Of course, the additional spare onion, a few garlic cloves, and a bit of cooking wine certainly don’t hurt to have, either – but, let’s be honest, the rice is what makes these meals.

Given that, when it comes to our recipes, Gluten Free options are not as difficult to come across as what first meets the eye. Especially since all rice, at least in its natural state, is 100% gluten-free – yes, it’s true. All of them. From traditional white rice to wild rice, the answer is the same. Even when in flour form! Not a bit of gluten in sight.

Now that we’ve answered that question that’s on everyone’s mind, it’s time for us to share some of our best kept gluten-free recipes. Enjoy everything from quinoa and vegetable snack bites to homemade waffles. For these recipes – yum is an understatement.

The GF Power Snack

Starting with small bites, these incredible Vegetarian Quinoa Cakes make snack time the most important meal of the day – well, at least the most anticipated one. Shredded veggies include jalapeños, carrots, zucchini, and baby spinach leaves.

Vegetarian jasmine rice and quinoa cakes with zucchini, carrots, jalapeños and cheddar cheese
Veggie Jasmine Quinoa Cakes

Filled with Jasmine Rice and Quinoa, as well as cheddar and parmesan cheese, they’re a mix of salty and nutritious. Also, they pair perfectly with a sweet chili sauce. So beat the four o’clock slump by whipping up these veggie-packed quinoa bites.

Lunch, Hold the Bread

Sometimes lunch prep can get repetitive. That’s because it is! Wake up, work, lunch prep, repeat. Nevertheless, when you’re trying to skip gluten, it can feel almost impossible to switch it up. This rice bowl will help you break the routine.

White bowl filled with fried rice, kale, deep fried falafel, avocado and pomegranate seeds topped with tahini sauce
Fried Rice Falafel Bowl with Kale and Tahini

This Fried Rice Bowl with Falafel & Tahini recipe kills two birds with one stone. Giving you a tasty and exciting lunch, without the gluten and all the flavor. Enjoy falafel and rice topped with pomegranate, avocado, fresh kale, and a tasty tahini sauce.

Basmati For Breakfast

This basmati breakfast bowl is best served with a hot cup of coffee. Sure to give you the morning boost of energy you need to start the day, it’s made with our Carolina® Basmati Rice and 100% gluten-free. Composed of bananas, a touch of salt, and some olive oil, this basmati rice bowl is simple and easy to make.

Breakfast Rice with Bananas
Breakfast Basmati Rice with Bananas

However, this recipe does require a special, some would say an unusual, ingredient. Believe it or not, a truly authentic Mexican-inspired banana and rice breakfast call for a bit of garlic. Yup, you heard right. So, dare you to be different and try this rice bowl. We promise you, it’s savory, sweet components are more than worth it.

Gluten Free Waffles

There’s nothing better than mastering the perfect batch of fluffy Gluten Free pancakes or waffles. Enter, these Gluten Free Banana Waffles. With the help of tapioca flour and a bit of baking powder, these waffles meet restaurant standards – we guarantee it.

Additionally, they also call for coconut sugar, coconut oil, and almond milk – making them not just Gluten Free, but guilt-free, as well. Our go-to lazy Sunday brunches, rainy mornings, and all-around super chill breakfasts try these waffles for your next lazy morning goals!

Where’s dinner? Check out our classic risotto recipe. In the meantime, be sure to save these Gluten Free recipes for your next lunch prep, weekend brunch, or snack time craving. 

Craving more inspiration? Discover our recipe selection and explore our wide array of rice meals, including the classic rice pudding recipe or this chaufa rice. You can also find useful cooking tips on our website, such as how to get the right rice cooker ratio.

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