Spanish Seasoned Rice

Our authentic Carolina® Spanish Seasoned Rice is a perfectly balanced blend of classic Spanish and Mexican flavors. Formulated without MSG and completely preservative-free, this mixture is a savory base of warm herbs and spices, which make the ultimate foundation for the most wholesome of dishes. Enjoy the tastes of stewed tomatoes, onions, and zesty bell pepper, as well as cumin and paprika spice.

With this seasoned long-grain rice, you’ll set just the right base for whipping up excellent Mexican Rice dishes or a short cut to making a classic Spanish paella.

Stovetop or microwave ready in just 20 minutes, this recipe isn’t just versatile, but also easy to make.

Available Sizes

5 oz (142g)

Cooking time

25 minutes

Serving size

⅓ cup dry rice and 2 tsp seasoning (57g)

Carolina® Spanish Seasoned Rice

Nutrition Facts

Dietary Considerations