Pilaf Seasoned Rice Mix

Amp up any weekday meal by serving this fluffy and flavorful Carolina® Pilaf Seasoned Rice Mix. Suited for almost any meal option, this colorful rice pilaf mix combines classic flavors and spices including onion, garlic, and a touch of turmeric, with an added layer of toasted orzo. The result? A tasty side dish that will take any meal spread from ordinary to extraordinary. Plus, with a few simple additions, it can also be served as a meal on its own.

Rice offers endless possibilities in the kitchen, whether you prefer vegetarian or meat-packed dishes, this rice mix is sure to find a spot in your pantry.

Cooking Directions

Traditional rice pilaf is made by sautéing long grain rice, like Carolina® White Rice or Jasmine Rice, with aromatic ingredients like butter, onion and garlic all simmered in broth for a flavorful outcome. We’ve made it possible to enjoy that incredible taste by combining everything together, so all you need to do is simmer in your preferred cooking liquid such as water or broth.

This product can be cooked either on the stove or in the microwave, with similar cooking instructions. If using the stove, make sure that water is boiling without stirring in the rice and orzo mix. Then cover and simmer for 25 minutes and fluff with a fork before serving.

For the microwave method, use a microwave-safe dish and cook on HIGH for 3 minutes. Then reduce the power to 50% and heat for 22 minutes. Note that these cooking times are approximate as microwave ovens may vary.

Your pilaf will turn out great if cooked in broth or water, but you can switch things up by using liquids infused with additional ingredients – see some inspiration below!

Flavor Variations

Dried nuts and fruits: Mix in some sliced almonds, pecans or cashews for an extra layer of texture or add raisins or cranberries for a sweet addition.

Vegetables: Sneak some vegetables into your family meals by combining your rice pilaf with fresh or thawed frozen vegetables like peas, carrots and corn.

Seasonings: Look to your spice rack to switch up the flavors anytime! Try adding international-inspired flavors to your pilaf with anything from curry powder, sazon or adobo seasoning, five-spice powder or cajun seasoning.

Fats: Adding butter or oil to your cooking water will boost flavors. Try with butter, ghee, olive oil, chili oil or even avocado oil.

Flavorful liquids: Using broth in place of water is one of the easiest ways to switch up your rice pilaf. Depending on what you are serving it with, try with chicken or vegetable stock. You could also use some bouillon cubes if you don’t have broth on hand.

If you love having your pantry stocked with convenient solutions that will help you put something delicious and simple together, we recommend you try our other rice and seasoning mixes from Carolina® Rice: Seasoned Yellow Rice or Long Grain & Wild Seasoned Rice.

Available Sizes

5 oz (142g)

Cooking time

25 minutes

Serving size

⅓ cup dry rice and 1 ½ tsp seasoning (57g)

Pilaf Seasoned Rice Package

Nutrition Facts

Dietary Considerations


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