Authentic Short Grain Rice for Sushi

Our Carolina® Authentic Short Grain Sushi Rice provides the ideal sticky rice consistency for your next meal creation. Designed to stay more compact, our Non-GMO Project Verified rice grains give you the precision necessary to create sculpted sushi masterpieces on your plate, whether you’re making mouthwatering nigiri or gourmet food stacks. Trust that our tried and true rice will keep its shape, which certainly comes in handy when you’re using chopsticks.

Unlike long grains, short grain rice has a firmer consistency because of the higher starch content. This helps the granules to absorb loads of flavor and clump together nicely, ideal for making homemade sushi.

Cooking Instructions

The ideal ratio for cooking short grain rice is 1½ :1, meaning 1½ cups of water per each 1 cup of rice. It can be cooked over the stove, in the microwave, in a slow cooker, rice cooker or Instant Pot.

Stovetop method: In a saucepan bring water to a boil. Stir in rice. Cover. Reduce heat and simmer for 20 minutes or until all water is absorbed.

Flavor Tip: Add olive oil and salt, if desired.

Rolling Your Own Sushi

Mastering the art of sushi is no easy task. Any great itamae, or Japanese sushi chef, will tell you that a great roll begins with the perfect short grain rice. Once you have the right rice, it’s time to learn how to make homemade sushi! Start with these three simple tips.

Rice: Practice makes perfect, so if you want to roll like a pro, you’ll want to keep plenty of this rice stocked in your pantry. While your first creations may not be as elegant as expected, they will certainly be delicious!

Seasoning: After cooking your rice, fold in seasonings that will keep that roll tight and compact while offering it that sweet and signature sushi flavor. Use a blend of rice wine vinegar, sugar and salt keep all those ingredients right where they belong!

Nori: Choose quality nori, the delicate dried seaweed wrap, and use a gentle hand when you roll.

In due time, you’ll be preparing picturesque sushi like a true itamae. Start by rolling this traditional Sushi with Avocado & Tuna. If you prefer to keep your meal meat-free or want to start without sushi-grade fish these Vegetarian Sushi Rolls pack all the flavor but none of the seafood.

If you want a twist on the island classics, try making onigiri, ngiri, maki or sashimi. 

Other Recipe Possibilities

Don’t let the sushi label stop you from using our Carolina® Authentic Short Grain Sushi Rice in other recipes! After all, sticky rice offers a creamy texture and will stay in place to keep its shape: short grains are ideal in countless recipes including some of our favorites below.

In a poke bowl: It’s an ideal base for rice bowls, especially if you opt for chopsticks rather than cutlery. If you are looking for something simple, throw a Poke Bowl with Sesame Salmon together in no time.

As a Filling: Whether you haven’t quite mastered the art of sushi rolling or just want a meal on the go, try making a Fusion Sushi Crab Burrito as a unique way to enjoy the Japanese classic.

In a stack: Make your own elegant and fresh, flavorful Mango & Curry Salmon Stacks which require some slicing, dicing, and mincing — when you take the first bite, you’ll see it is well worth the effort!

As a treat: For desserts, like a few decadent Rice Truffles with Matcha Green Tea and White Chocolate, reach for a compact short grain rice to get that luscious creamy texture. You can also cook the rice in alternative cooking liquids like coconut milk and prepare dessert or snack Fruit Sushi Rolls.

Available Sizes

16 oz (454g)

Cooking time

20 minutes

Serving size

¼ cup (45g)

Carolina® Short Grain Rice

Nutrition Facts

Dietary Considerations


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