Servings 4
Cooking time 5 mins

Greek Salad with Black Olives Feta and Tomato

For a unique and flavorful salad recipe, try this Greek Salad with Black Olives and Feta. Made with Carolina® Ready to Heat Jasmine rice, it’s a delicious, low-fuss dish that will please everyone at your dining table.

Servings 4
Cooking time 10 mins

Poke Bowl with Avocado and Tuna

Bring some Hawaiian flavor to mealtime with this Tuna and Avocado Poke Bowl with Carolina® Basmati Rice. Whether it’s for lunch or dinner, this dish is a fragrant and refreshing option.

Shrimp Fried Rice
Servings 1
Cooking time 10 mins

Coconut Flavored Shrimp Fried Rice

Finished with nutty toasted coconut, this southeast Asian style dish makes a quick and easy meal with Carolina® Rice.

Mediterranean Rice Bowl
Servings 2
Cooking time 20 mins

Mediterranean Style Rice Bowl

With zesty lemon, herbs and olives, this speedy dish made with Carolina® Rice is a satisfying vegetarian meal that’s ready in minutes.

Orange Cauliflower Rice Bowl
Servings 2
Cooking time 30 mins

Baked Orange Cauliflower Rice Bowl

Learn how to make this quick and simple baked Orange Cauliflower Rice Bowl recipe using Carolina® Jasmine Rice.

Honey Beef Rice Bowl
Servings 2
Cooking time 25 mins

Beef Rice Bowl

This Honey Garlic Beef Rice Bowl is a sweet yet savory dish made with Carolina®Rice which the whole family will love.

Servings 2
Cooking time 15 mins

Simple Tex Mex Rice Bowl

This Tex Mex rice bowl is a simple, tasty and quick recipe made with Carolina®Rice and is perfect for back-to- school meals.

Servings 1-2
Cooking time 15 mins

Cilantro Rice Taco Bowl

This easy dinner taco bowl is a feast of delicious flavors that’s comforting for dinner any night of the week.

sriracha spicy salmon and brown rice bowl recipe
Servings 6
Cooking time 55 mins

Spicy Salmon Brown Rice Bowl

This delicous and simple spicy brown rice bowl is made with a spicy sriracha mayo, vegetables, avocado and whole grain Carolina® Brown Rice.

Servings 1
Cooking time 10 mins

TikTok Salmon Rice Bowl

Make your leftovers more delicious with this fun, quick and easy take on TikTok’s viral Salmon and Rice Bowl. Try with all your favorite toppings!

Servings 6-8
Cooking time 90 mins

Dominican Bean and Beef Stew (La Bandera)

“Bandera” is a traditional Bean and Beef Stew from the Dominican Republic, prepared with White Rice, kidney beans and pinto beans.

Servings 4 to 6
Cooking time 25 mins

Empanada Rice Bowl

Use your Thermomix® to whip up this easy and delicious Empanada Rice Bowl! It’s loaded with all of the flavors of classic empanadas.

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