Chicken Seasoned Rice

Our Carolina® Chicken Seasoned Rice mix blends tasty herbs, chicken stock, long-grain rice, and toasted vermicelli to combine all the best flavors. Made without preservatives and full of wholesome goodness, this blend offers a quality taste that can be paired with almost any and all recipes.

When prepared, the long-grain rice in this seasoned mixture maintains it’s separate grains, making it perfect for side dishes including rice pilaf or as an addition to cold salad dishes.

Among its recipe versatility, this combination of rice and chicken seasoning is also adaptable to your cooking preference. Make it in the microwave or stovetop– the choice is yours!

Available Sizes

5 oz (142g)

Cooking time

20 minutes

Serving size

⅓ cup dry rice and 1 ½ tsp seasoning (57g)

Carolina® Chicken Seasoned Rice

Nutrition Facts

Dietary Considerations