When it comes to seasons, spring might well be the belle of the ball. The chill of winter has dissipated, and we can once again venture outdoors and marvel at the beauty of nature as it awakens from its winter slumber. Walks in the park and weekend vacations to the country become viable options. Furthermore, spring brings with it a plethora of fresh flavors. Asparagus, beets, leeks, lemons, and limes all come into season in the spring, introducing fresh flavors to our dishes. So, what better way to celebrate spring than to prepare meals that combine fresh, in-season spring fruits and veggies with fragrant grains such as jasmine rice and quinoa? Join Carolina® Rice as we celebrate spring with breakfast, lunch, and dinner recipes that are both enticing and easy to prepare.

What does jasmine rice taste like?

If you’ve yet to experience the joy of cooking with jasmine rice, you’re undoubtedly wondering how it varies from other rice types. Jasmine rice is noted for its distinctive floral scent and sweet flavor. It’s a long-grain rice available in two varieties: white and whole-grain brown. It has the same fluffy texture as basmati and has long been a staple of the cuisine of Southern Asia. Its sweetness makes it a popular ingredient in many dishes like stir-fries, curries, and satays, but it also works well in desserts like this Horchata Whipped Ice Coffee recipe.

Easy Spring Recipes Using Jasmine Rice

Good food does not have to be time-consuming. The beauty of cooking is that there is always a tasty meal on hand, even on hectic days when time is in short supply. So let’s explore some easy ways you can be more time-efficient in the kitchen without missing out on the flavorsome meals you crave.

Rice Bowls with Carolina® Ready to Heat Rice

Rice bowls are an excellent way to prepare a tasty dinner quickly. Cooking with our ready-to-heat rice range is a convenient and fragrant method to produce delicious meals. Carolina® Ready to Heat Jasmine Rice, which is ready in just 90 seconds, is ideal for using in rice bowl dishes, as demonstrated by this delightful Mediterranean Style Rice Bowl. Similarly, for something a little hotter, try this Simple Tex Mex Rice Bowl. Made with our Cilantro Limón Jasmine Rice, it makes for a delightful lunch that you can prepare in only 15 minutes!

Tex Mex Rice Bowl
Tex Mex Rice Bowl

Easy Air-Fryer Rice Recipe

It’s official: we live in the age of the air fryer! It’s safe to say that since its inception, it’s taken the culinary world by storm. This is most likely due to the fact that it is a quick and easy way to prepare food that retains all of their flavor and nutrients. This Spicy Rice recipe contains a variety of nutritious ingredients, including peas, onions, garlic, eggs, and sesame oil, and it takes only 20 minutes to prepare with an air fryer. So, if you’re having people over and want to whip up something quick and tasty, this could be just the thing!

Fragrant Spring Jasmine Rice Recipes Infused with Quinoa

Spring ushers in a plethora of new recipe ideas. If you want to boost the protein in your foods, try adding some quinoa to the mix. 

Benefits of Cooking with Quinoa

  • High in protein and fiber
  • Quick preparation time 
  • Mild-flavored and easy to pair with other ingredients
  • Gluten-free
  • Suitable for vegans and Vegetarians

This Tabbouleh with Jasmine Rice & Quinoa dish offers a fragrant, tasty supper that is high in protein. A dish hailing from Lebanon, it’s perfect for serving at large family gatherings. Who knows? It might even impress la abuela!

Springtime Snacks to Go

Vegetarian jasmine rice and quinoa cakes with zucchini, carrots, jalapeños and cheddar cheese
Veggie Quinoa Cakes

Spending more time outside is one of the benefits of spring. After staying indoors all winter, it’s time to get outside and enjoy some fresh air. These Vegetarian Quinoa Cakes are an excellent snack to bring on trips. They’re easy to keep and full of delectable ingredients, making them a popular choice among both adults and children. If you prefer sweet on-the-go snacks, these Coconut & Hazelnut Dark Chocolate Energy Bites are a must-have! In fact, they’re so good that you could use them as the profile photo in the group chat for a picnic or outdoor gathering. Anyone sitting on the fence will be sure to join you when they see these chocolaty marvels!

Whatever way you choose to celebrate the arrival of spring, be sure to visit our blog for helpful culinary tips and ways for you to have fun in the kitchen and #playwithyourfood!

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