The humble burrito has many advantages: it’s tasty, convenient, and portable. It’s no surprise that this traditional Mexican comfort food has become a fixture in American cuisine. Furthermore, burritos are versatile and may be easily customized to use whatever ingredients are available. That’s why Carolina® Rice is here to guide you through seven distinct burrito recipes that highlight a diverse spectrum of influences and ingredients, ensuring that the burrito you crave is always within reach.

30 Minute Burrito Recipes

To begin our adventure, it seems natural to start at the beginning of the day. Burritos are thought to have originated in northern Mexico as a simple and portable food for donkey riders, hence the name ‘burrito’. The Mexican Breakfast Burrito Wrap is said to be an American adaptation that originated in New Mexico. One thing’s certain, no one doubts the concept’s deliciousness, regardless of its specific roots. Made with Carolina® White Rice and topped with shredded Monterrey Jack cheese, savory luncheon meat, and a spicy salsa kick, few breakfast recipes quite hit the spot like this Mexican breakfast burrito wrap.

Alternatively, this Greek Chicken and Turmeric Rice Burrito is an excellent lunch or dinner alternative that can be prepared in thirty minutes. It mixes Carolina® Basmati, cooked in flavorful chicken broth, with traditional Greek ingredients like tzatziki and feta. The result is a delicious infusion of Mediterranean flavors into a Mexican classic. 

Using Ingredients for Burritos in Rice Bowls

If you’re craving a burrito but have run out of tortilla wraps, don’t worry. You can enjoy all of the delicious ingredients you would normally use in a burrito and repurpose them into a rice bowl. This Grilled Veggie Burrito Bowl takes 30 minutes to prepare, combines popular burrito ingredients such as pinto beans, guacamole, and pico de gallo sauce and puts them to good use in a rice bowl recipe. It’s an essential kitchen hack even your abuela would be proud of!

25 Minute Vegetarian-Inspired Burrito 

This Black Bean and Brown Rice Burrito is a Mexican comfort food favorite that can be prepared for lunch or dinner. It’s an authentic burrito dish that’s high in protein and vegetarian-friendly, perfect for lovers of traditional Mexican cuisine.

brown rice and black bean wrapped burritos
Brown Rice and Black Bean Burrito

20 Minute Burritos

The versatility of burritos is one of their most appealing qualities. This Fusion Sushi Crab Burrito travels east to incorporate refreshing seafood tastes. Not only is it a quick and easy burrito dish, but it’s also a terrific way to get more seafood into your diet. At Carolina® Rice, we believe that experimenting with flavors is enjoyable, and you’ll appreciate the novel idea of utilizing nori instead of tortilla wraps. It’s the ideal dish to try with friends at your next gathering. Your culinary skills will simply blow them away!

15 Minute Burrito 

Have you ever been unsure of what to do with leftover meat? Well, you’ll be glad to know that there’s a burrito recipe for precisely that predicament! This Cilantro Lime Rice and Turkey Burrito makes wonderful use of leftover holiday meats. Best of all, it takes only 15 minutes to prepare, making it ideal for those days when time is of the essence.

Turkey and Cilantro Lime Burritos

Best Way to Make Burritos

The art of burrito making is a must-have life-skill. Here are a few key principles to keep in mind when you’re practicing your art. From selecting the best tortillas to the best rolling and folding techniques, these tips will aid you in your quest to make the perfect burrito.

How to Choose the Right Tortillas

  • Choosing the right tortillas is critical for a perfect burrito. Look for soft, pliable tortillas that can retain all of your contents without falling apart.
  • Corn tortillas are ideal for a more classic flavor, while flour tortillas are adaptable and easy to use.
  • Warm your tortillas slightly before filling them to increase their flexibility and prevent cracking.

Rolling and Folding 

  • Place your selected fillings in the center of the tortilla, leaving some room around the borders for folding.
  • Fold the bottom of the tortilla up over the fillings, then fold in the sides to seal the mixture.
  • Roll the burrito firmly from the bottom, tucking the sides in as you go, to form a compact bundle.
  • Before rolling up the tortilla, brush a little water or oil around the edge to ensure a solid closure.

If you’re hungry for more burrito hacks, check out this post on How to Fill and Roll the Perfect Burrito. And, as always, for monthly kitchen creativity and other useful tips, be sure to keep a close eye on our blog. At Carolina® Rice, we believe that food means fun. That’s why we encourage you to let your hair down in the kitchen and #playwithyourfood.

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