Have you ever wondered what the actual difference is between Spanish rice and Mexican rice? This guide will take a look at the key differences between these two rice dishes as well as provide some great tasting recipes that you can make with Carolina® Rice.

To begin, let’s take a look at Spanish Rice.

Spanish Rice

This rice type was originally introduced to Mexico by the Spanish, hence the name. Spanish rice has a firmer texture and stronger aroma compared to Mexican rice, it gets its sweet yet savory flavor as well as its golden color from saffron. As it is more absorbent, Spanish rice is also better suited for dishes that need to be slow cooked. As it has a tendency to clump together, you can also easily eat it with a spoon!

Spanish rice can be used for both sweet and savory dishes. 

Spanish Rice Recipes

Carolina® Rice has plenty of Spanish rice recipes for you to choose from. Here are some of our favorites: 

With this herb-filled Quick Spanish Rice  made with Carolina® White Rice, you can have a tasty side dish or taco filling in just 30 minutes –just make sure you make enough for seconds!

Craving paella? Made with Carolina® Seasoned Yellow Rice and veggies, this Chicken and Yellow Rice Recipe is a tasty Spanish-style rice option. 

If you’re a fan of fusion, this Madras Curry Spanish Rice With Lentils combines Spanish rice with Indian cuisine. The aroma alone will make it simply irresistible to your friends and family.

Now that you’re familiar with Spanish Rice, why not give Mexican rice a go? 


Mexican Rice 

One of the main differences between these two rice dishes is that Mexican rice is fluffier and tends not to stick together. 

Whilst Spanish Rice is known for that rich yellow color, Mexican Rice is best known for its reddish orange hue that it gets from being cooked with cumin. Cumin not only provides Mexican rice with its trademark color, but it also gives it a nutty, slightly spicy flavor. 

Mexican Rice Recipes

With Carolina® Rice, there is no shortage of great-tasting Mexican rice dishes that can be made! 

Made with Carolina® Jasmine Rice, this Traditional Mexican Rice  is loaded with flavor and works perfectly as a meal base or a side dish. If you want to add a bit more of a kick, try adding some Jalapeño peppers. 

Fans of seafood will love this one-pot Mexican Rice and Quinoa With Shrimp recipe made with Carolina® Jasmine Rice With Quinoa. To add a bit of zesty flavor to this recipe,  toss in some olives.


For an interesting snack or appetizer that you can make with Mexican rice,  these crunchy Bolitas With Arroz y Queso will be a hit

Now that we’ve taken a look at both rice options, you can decide for yourself which one to make tonight!

Stay tuned to Carolina® Rice for even more great tasting recipes from all over the world!

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