As winter retreats and spring comes into view, it’s time to make the most of your Spring Break and Easter vacations by getting on the road and taking the adventures you’ve been planning all year. That’s why Carolina® Rice is here to inspire you with the best road trip recipes. From savory bite-sized snacks to sweet desserts, we have you covered. So buckle up and join us as we explore the greatest foods to prepare when traveling.

Delicious Mid-Trip Energy Boosters

Whether you’re on a cross-country road trip or just visiting a nearby location, having great road snacks on hand is essential. That’s why these Puffed Rice Chocolate Bars are the ideal option.

They are the perfect snack to pull out when you need a little additional energy boost in the middle of a journey. Carolina® Jasmine White Rice. Most importantly, you won’t have to stop to pick up snacks along the way, saving you both money and time!

Puffed Rice Chocolate Bars

Popular Shareable Snacks for The Road

Choosing recipes that are portable and easy to serve is the key to putting together the ideal road trip spread. Making snacks that you can eat with your hands is a wonderful idea, as they require fewer plates and cutlery. You and your traveling friends will appreciate the variety and convenience of these tasty snacks.

Cheese and BBQ chicken rice quesadillas
Cheesy BBQ Chicken and Rice Quesadillas

Fun Snacks for Veggies

A decent road trip meal plan should accommodate a wide range of dietary preferences, just like any other food party. Here are two quick and easy snack ideas that tick a lot of boxes:

  • Vegetarian Quinoa Cakes: These cakes are a fantastic vegetarian and gluten-free option. They make for a wholesome travel snack as well as being packed with tasty ingredients.
  • Savory Rice Muffins: These muffins are a light and delicious option that will satisfy the vegetarians and non-vegetarians in your travel party.  

Easy Salads to Go: the Road Trip Special

Finally, no road trip picnic hamper would be complete without a fresh salad. However, not just any salad will do. Before we dive into the recipes, there are a few key points to remember when deciding on a salad recipe.

  1. Choose salads made with grains. The reason for this is that grains are better at absorbing moisture and keeping their texture over time, they provide a more portable option for salads than leafy greens. Examples of these grains are rice and quinoa.
  2. Prepare your salad dressings in separate containers. If not properly sealed, even the best salad containers are susceptible to seepage, which may turn your road trip picnic into a soggy mess. You can make sure nothing spills while traveling by preparing your dressings in separate containers and adding them when you sit down to eat.
  3. Toss your salads ahead of time. By doing this, you can make sure that the ingredients have been thoroughly mixed throughout. 
  4. Make use of Mason jars. Here’s another way to guarantee that each person receives an equal portion of salad.

Keeping these suggestions in mind, let’s look at two salad recipes that are ideal for traveling with. To kick things off, this Spicy Southwest Rice Salad is a winner for any kind of road trip. It’s sure to be a hit among your group as it’s made with fluffy Carolina® White Basmati Rice and infused with feta cheese and fresh cilantro! Similarly, this Veggie-Packed Mediterranean Rice Salad recipe is unique and flavorsome.

Spicy Southwest-inspired rice salad with beans, feta cheese and cilantro
Spicy Southwest Rice Salad

Organizing the Ideal Road Trip

Now it’s time to look at some essential hacks for making your road trip as stress-free and fun as possible.

How to Store Food on Road Trips

To avoid ruining your precious creations, it is crucial to know how to store your food before you leave. Proper container selection is essential. These are a few useful things that might be worth investing in:

  • Thermos flasks: because what could be worse than drinking cold coffee?
  • Cooler: It’s worthwhile picking up a sizable cooler to keep cold foods and beverages fresh and chilled.
  • Foil wrap: This is also practical for preserving and keeping food warm on short trips.
  • Ziplock Bags: These are a good method to keep your food safe and prevent seepage while you travel.

Road Trips with Pals

Traveling by car with pals is among the best things to do while you’re young. Nothing compares to the feeling of being on a highway and listening to everyone laugh while the scenery whizzes by. All journeys have hiccups along the way, but if you’ve planned ahead, they shouldn’t be too difficult to get through. These helpful hints will help to ensure that everything goes as planned.

  • Establish a group chat to talk about getting ready for the trip. Make sure that everyone knows exactly what they need to bring on the big day.
  • Be prepared for driver fatigue by making sure multiple drivers are participating in the trip. Regular breaks while driving contribute to a more comfortable ride.
  • Get everyone to think of songs to add to a shared playlist. The partnership will make for interesting conversation down the road.
  • Before you go, carry out all the recommended checks on your car before you embark. A breakdown is the last thing you want when you’re on the road.
  • Take a group selfie in your car before you leave. These kinds of moments make for precious memories.

Ideas for Road Trips with Young Children

Keeping kids occupied while you travel is a must. Given that a lot of young children get travel sickness, it’s crucial to avoid heavy meals such as soups and stews right before departure. Furthermore, avoid giving the kids milk, juice, or any fizzy drinks. And if they do start to get hungry. After that, keeping your kids entertained will be your next challenge. Ask them to brainstorm a list of quirky travel games they can play, such as guessing games like 20 Questions or I Spy. Give the children control over the music. Let them curate the playlist and select music that will appeal to everyone in your family.

Whatever your travel plans for Spring Break and Easter are, make your trip an unforgettable one. #Playwithyourfood and be inspired in the kitchen. For more expert tips and culinary insight, check out our blog

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