Servings 2-4
Cooking time 10 mins

Cajun Shrimp Burrito Bowl

Looking for ways to elevate your burrito bowl meals? This unique Cajun Shrimp Burrito Bowl with Avocado Mango Pico de Gallo will be right up your street!

Servings 2-4
Cooking time 30 mins

Classic Chicken Burrito

Cometh the hour cometh the burrito! This Classic Chicken Burrito is the perfect recipe for when you’re craving a wholesome Mexican meal. Comforting and delicious, it’s the perfect option for lunch or dinner.

Servings 6
Cooking time 15 mins

Fajitas with Fried Chicken and Rice

If you want to rustle up something savory and delicious for your family, these Fried Chicken Fajitas with Carolina® Basmati Rice are packed with succulent chicken and mouthwatering ingredients.

Servings 4-6
Cooking time +2 hrs

Mexican Menudo

This easy to make Mexican spicy tripe stew is a hearty and comforting recipe made with Carolina® White Jasmine Ready to Heat Rice.

Arroz Verde Con Pollo
Servings 6
Cooking time 45 mins

Chicken With Arroz Verde

This easy chicken and rice dish made with salsa and Carolina® Rice is a real crowd-pleaser that everyone will love.

Servings 6
Cooking time 55 mins

Chipotle Chicken & Rice

Flavored with chipotle and lime, this simple variation on a classic arroz con pollo is zesty, spicy and packed with flavor.

Mexican Rice Balls
Servings 6-8
Cooking time 40 mins

Bolitas de Arroz y Queso

With a gooey cheese stuffed in the center, these breaded and fried rice balls make a tasty treat that everyone will love.

Servings 2
Cooking time 15 mins

Simple Tex Mex Rice Bowl

This Tex Mex rice bowl is a simple, tasty and quick recipe made with Carolina®Rice and is perfect for back-to- school meals.

Servings 1-2
Cooking time 15 mins

Cilantro Rice Taco Bowl

This easy dinner taco bowl is a feast of delicious flavors that’s comforting for dinner any night of the week.

Servings 4 to 6
Cooking time 20 mins

Thermomix Arroz con Leche

This Peruvian-style Arroz con Leche recipe is a snap to make in the Thermomix® for a crowd. Serve topped with berries, cinnamon and nuts.

Servings 4 to 6
Cooking time 25 mins

Empanada Rice Bowl

Use your Thermomix® to whip up this easy and delicious Empanada Rice Bowl! It’s loaded with all of the flavors of classic empanadas.

Servings 8 to 12
Cooking time 50 mins

Mushroom and Cheese Pastelitos

These whole grain pastelitos are bite-sized and generously filled with mushrooms, cheese and Carolina® Jasmine Brown Rice for a family-friendly appetizer!

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