Rice is one of the most versatile kitchen staples. From salads to desserts, rice goes with pretty much anything and everything. To celebrate national rice month, we thought that we’d share some of our favorite unusual ways you can use Carolina® Rice in your cooking. 

Savory Dishes

Here are some interesting savory recipes that can be made using Carolina® Rice

Rice Balls

These Crispy Veggie Rice Balls made with kimchi and Carolina® Jasmine Rice make an excellent savory snack. Alternatively, you can also serve these rice balls with some dips to make an excellent starter course if you are entertaining guests. 

For a savory snack or appetizer with more of a crab flavor, try out these Yaki Onigiri which are also made with Carolina® Jasmine Rice. You’ll want to make sure that you are using freshly cooked rice for this recipe over leftover rice in order to ensure these rice balls stay together. 


If you need an on-the-go snack, or a handy addition to your kids’ school lunchboxes, make a batch of these Chicken and Brown Rice Lunchbox Cups.

Volcano Rice

For another interesting way to make and present Carolina® Jasmine Rice make this Cheesy Volcano Rice Korean kimchi and gochujang. Toss in some additional proteins like chicken, shrimp or beef for some added protein.


Rice Cakes

Rice cakes like this Peruvian Tacu Tacu recipe are another great way of utilizing rice. Feel free to enjoy this particular dish with some sliced steak, shrimp or fried plantains.


Stuffed Vegetables 

Stuffed vegetable recipes like these Zucchini Boats made with Carolina® Jasmine Brown Rice and Italian sausage  show what an effective filling rice can make.


Note: Whole grains work particularly well in stuffed vegetable recipes as they are very effective in absorbing any juices and flavor.


You can also try baking your rice into pastries like these Mushroom and Cheese Pastelitos, made with cheese, veggies and wrapped together in wonton wrappers. You can use an airfryer to give these pastelitos a crispier texture. Serve them with dips like guacamole to make a starter if you are entertaining guests.


Rice Desserts

If you’re entertaining guests make this Coconut and Almond Rice Tart with Carolina® Whtie Rice and a Gluten-Free homemade crust for dessert. For some added flavor, try topping this tart with some fresh strawberries.


This Sweet Arancini Dessert Board made with Carolina® Arborio Rice is a different way of enjoying the Italian classic dish. This board can be enjoyed either as a starter or a dessert, if you want to turn up the sweetness, try topping it with caramel or chocolate sauce and adding in some other dessert foods like brownies or cookies. 

You can even use rice to make desserts like these dairy-free Puffed Rice Chocolate Bars which can be batch cooked so you can enjoy them all week long.


Carolina® Rice can also be used to make drinks like this Mexican Horchata Whipped Ice Coffee which works perfectly as a breakfast drink. You can also turn this drink into a cocktail by adding in a dash of alcohol like rum or amaretto. You can also make this drink with coconut milk if you’d prefer a dairy-free treat. 


For more interesting and unique recipes, stay up to date with Carolina® Rice.

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