Side Dish

Yellow Rice made with corn and pumpkin
Servings 6
Cooking time 30 min

Yellow Rice with Corn and Pumpkin

With a wonderful golden hue, this white rice seasoned to perfection with corn and pumpkin makes for a tasty side dish to serve with turkey, chicken or pork.

Creamy Marigold Rice for Day of the Dead

Creamy Baked Marigold Rice

This creamy Marigold Rice dish is loaded with flavor, creamy texture and vibrant color made using fluffy Carolina® White Rice by Vianney Rodriguez.

Three Cheese, Tres Quesos Rice with Jasmine
Servings 8
Cooking time 30 Mins

Tres Quesos Rice

With queso blanco, Monterey Jack and cotija cheese, this cheesy rice is creamy, decadent and very tasty.

Servings 6
Cooking time 25 Mins

Miso Fried Rice

This veggie fried rice gets a flavor boost with white miso paste, the mildest miso, which adds a wonderful savory accent to the jasmine rice.

Zucchini Rice with basmati
Servings 8
Cooking time 20 Mins

Zucchini Rice

This simple rice makes a healthy side dish that’s super-quick and easy to prepare.

Servings 8
Cooking time 35 Mins

Turmeric Yellow Rice with Butternut Squash and Kale

With its golden hue, this eye-catching rice with autumn veggies makes a lovely and delicious side dish.

Chicken tikka Masala with Carolina Basmati Rice
Servings 8
Cooking time 20 Mins

Easy Chicken Tikka Masala with Basmati Rice

Prepared with leftover chicken or rotisserie chicken, this cheater’s take on tikka masala cooks in a fraction of the time and delivers lots of yummy flavors too.

Servings 8
Cooking time 45 Mins

Truffle Risotto

With a touch of fragrant truffle oil, parmesan, and asparagus, this Truffle Risotto made with Carolina® Arborio Rice is creamy, rich, and full of flavor.

Servings 4
Cooking time 30 Mins

Cajeta Rice Pudding

Enjoy this rich and creamy, Mexican-inspired Cajeta Rice Pudding made with Carolina® White Rice as a dessert or sweet midday snack.

Mango-Rice Salad-with-Ginger-Vinaigrette
Servings 6
Cooking time 15 Mins

Mango Rice Salad with Ginger Vinaigrette

Mango adds a burst of tropical sweet flavors to this chicken and rice salad with a zippy ginger vinaigrette made with fragrant Carolina® Jasmine Rice.

Grilled jalapeño rice bowl with brown rice
Servings 8
Cooking time 20 Mins

Grilled Jalapeño Rice

Made with brown rice and a spicy jalapeño sauce, this hearty side dish has a lovely charred flavor from the grilled jalapeños and green onions.

Green rice with poblanos and spinach
Servings 8
Cooking time 30 Mins

Green Poblano Rice

This festive and zesty green rice is made with jasmine rice in a blend of poblano peppers and spinach for a vegetarian side layered with delicious flavors.