Mother’s Day is quickly approaching and that means it’s time to express gratitude for all of the sacrifices our mothers have made for us throughout the years. And what better way to express your love than to put on an irresistible Mother’s day spread? That’s why Carolina® Rice is here to inspire you with recipes that delight and impress Mom in equal measure. But before we delve into recipe ideas, let’s take a moment to reflect on how this worthy celebration got started in the first place.

A Short History of Mother’s Day Celebrations

Mother’s Day was first celebrated in America in the early 1900s. It was felt that a day should be set aside to recognize and thank mothers and mother figures for their unwavering love and selflessness.

How Did Mother’s Day Begin?

Did you realize Mother’s Day has ancient origins? Yes, it is true! Early celebrations can be traced back to ancient Greek and Roman periods. However, it was Anna Jarvis who started the modern Mother’s Day tradition in the United States. Thanks to her, a national day honoring mothers’ sacrifices and services to their families and society was established, and it’s now observed in many nations around the world, albeit on different dates and with their own traditions. Here at home, it’s traditionally celebrated on the second Sunday in May. So it’s time to start planning!

Special Mother’s Day Breakfast 

Spiced Breakfast
Spiced Rice Breakfast Bowl

One way to put a smile on your mother’s face the moment she wakes up is to prepare her a delightful homemade breakfast. Luckily, we’ve got just the recipe you need with this Spiced Rice Breakfast Bowl! Made with Carolina® Jasmine Rice, this dish will bring fragrance and flavor to breakfast time. 

Unique Appetizers for Mom

Whether it’s a lunch or dinner meal you’re planning, a sure way to make the occasion extra special is to make tasty and tempting appetizers that set the tone for the feast to come. These Wild Rice Stuffed Mushrooms are a great way to whet Mom’s appetite. Alternatively, if you think she’d prefer something lighter, this Spicy Southwest Rice Salad works a treat! With fluffy Carolina® Basmati Rice as its base, it’s a fresh and flavorful salad recipe with a sprinkling of feta atop. 

Wild Rice & Sausage Stuffed Mushrooms with cheese
Wild Rice Stuffed Mushrooms

Mother’s Day Main Courses

If you’re looking for main course meal ideas that are tasty and traditional, then we’ve got some great recipes for you. This Mexican-Style Arroz con Pollo is the kind of meal every mom dreams of on Mother’s Day. Made with succulent chicken, herbs, and rice, this dish is guaranteed to delight the taste buds!

Alternatively, if your mom prefers vegetarian mains to meat dishes, then this Grilled Veggie Burrito Bowls with Hatch Green Chile Rice is a spectacular option. Blending select roasted vegetables, it’s a dish bursting with flavor. Don’t be surprised if Mom asks you for the recipe afterwards!

Mother’s Day Dessert 

To bring your Mother’s day feast to a close, it’s always nice to have a special dessert recipe in mind, and this Horchata Ice Cream is precisely that. Cool, creamy, and refreshing, it’s the ideal dessert for moms who’ve got a sweet tooth. However, if you want to add some international flavors to dessert time, check out these 8 Rice Desserts from Around The World

Adding a Personal Touch to your Mother’s Day Celebration

Now that you’ve got plenty of recipe ideas to think about, let’s look at how to make your mother’s day memorable. Here are a few easy suggestions that can make the world of difference.

Setting the Tone

  • Put some thought into the presentation of your meal. It’s a great way to elevate the celebration. Buy a bouquet of your mom’s favorite flowers and make it the centerpiece of your dining table.
  • Prepare your party decor according to your mother’s favorite colors.

Planning a Mother’s Day Gathering

  • Set the tone with the right kind of music. Ask family members to collaborate on a special playlist for the occasion.
  • Create a group chat with all your family members to help you set a time and place that’s convenient for everyone. Mom will feel extra special if she’s surrounded by all the family on Mother’s Day. 
  • Ask for advice from friends and family on the best Mother’s Day gift ideas. Consider getting everyone to pitch in for a gift from all the family. 

Celebrating Mom

Mother’s day is the perfect excuse to spoil mom. At Carolina® Rice, we believe that family is what matters most in life, so make your celebration a memorable one with lovingly created culinary creations. 

For more cooking tips and delicious new recipes, check out our blog!

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