Authentic Medium Grain Arborio Rice for Risotto

Our authentic Carolina® Arborio Medium Grain Rice is the ideal choice for making Italian risotto or other dishes that require a creamy, tender and slightly chewy texture. This rice is Non-GMO Project Verified, naturally Gluten Free and does not contain MSG or other added preservatives for grains that are sure to offer you the most genuine rice experience.

What Is Arborio Rice?

Arborio Rice is a typical Italian variety with a round shape and a higher starch content as it is medium grain rice. This means it absorbs stock and other flavorful ingredients more easily for loads of flavor in every bite.

It also releases more starch making for that signature velvety texture in your risotto dishes. Moreover, when cooled down, these medium grains unite, giving more oomph to every mouthful.

How To Cook Arborio Rice

Similar to traditional methods, the perfect water to rice ratio is 2:1, which means 2 cups of water per each cup of rice. In a saucepan over the stove, bring water to a boil and stir in rice. Cover, reduce heat and simmer for 20 minutes or until all water is absorbed. Note that we do not recommend cooking this rice in the microwave.

Flavor Tip: Add olive oil and salt to the cooking water or swap in homemade or store-bought broth of choice.

Tips For Cooking Risotto

If you’re looking for how to make the perfect risotto, it all starts with the right rice! Carolina® Arborio Rice is specially crafted for achieving that luscious texture on account of its higher starch content as it is a medium grain rice variety.

We suggest using hot broth that is added into your pan gradually so the rice has time to slowly absorb the flavors while releasing the appropriate amount of starch.

For more tips to making your own delicious risotto, follow our guide to making the perfect creamy risotto.

Arborio Rice Recipes

Much like your Italian cooking– we make sure to put our heart and soul into each bag for all of your recipe ideas.

Looking for a few risotto recipes to try? This Truffle Risotto is made using mushrooms and truffle oil with Parmesan cheese, or combine two Italian classics into one with this Puttanesca Risotto. On the sweeter side, try this Risotto with Pears and Blue Cheese.

Hungry for more? Try using this rice in your next rice pudding recipe for an extra creamy texture or an Italian-style Fried Mushroom and Thyme Risotto Ball recipe.

Available Sizes

16 oz (454g)

Cooking time

20 minutes

Serving size

¼ cup (45g)

Carolina® Arborio Medium Grain Rice

Nutrition Facts

Dietary Considerations


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